February Summit with Ross Goldberg

Ross Goldberg’s #1 Best Selling Book:  THE Web Traffic Book is available on Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes and Noble.
It is the first and only complete guide to getting leads online.  Truly the encyclopedia of website traffic.


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Ross started his online business by opening an Ebay Store in 2006. He went into a coma shortly after due to military over-vaccination. Ross came home paralyzed, but found that had $1000 profit sitting in his Paypal account from this new business he’d setup before getting sick. That was the end of him working for anyone but himself. Ross loves being home with his three kids and being able to get up from my desk whenever he feels like it. The freedom that comes from working for yourself can’t be beaten by any job on earth.



Ross is the lead web site profitability and optimization specialist at Cloud Income Properties.  Ross evaluates and creates a personal plan for each website property to reach their maximum effectiveness and leads a team of internet specialists to maintain properties for each investor.  He is the bestselling author of THE Web Traffic Book, and has worked with very large companies including Blockbuster Video and Serta Mattress.  He is trained in Psychology and Marketing and uses both to help people improve their lives AND their websites.


Over the last 7 years, Ross has helped thousands of internet entrepreneurs get more leads from the web and now it’s your turn.

We are JUST announcing a very SPECIAL guest to help us start the night off right!

Sonia Landry2

We are honored to have her to help us Start off the Night Right!

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2% Club Phoenix Summit

Sheraton Phoenix Airport Hotel
1600 South 52nd Street
Tempe, AZ 85281


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