May 2% Summit with Special Guest Bill Walsh the Rainmaker!


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During this event, Bill Walsh will personally train you on how to grow your business… or launch a new one and become The Rainmaker!
Bill has mastered and built a comprehensive strategy, designed specifically to help you create a clearly defined, 24 Month Success Blueprint for your life and business!

Learn how to connect with multi-millionaires and realize the benefits of being part of the Powerteam Network!

Be a Rainmaker Breakthrough & Experience what the most successful business owners and entrepreneurs have known for years!!! YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT RAIN!  Bill will reignite your passion, help you become focused and help you begin to design your 2 year success plan!

Come and discover proven systems and accountability programs specifically designed to increase your revenue! You will learn how to connect with millionaires, network with other brilliant people, tap into your own competencies and take 100% ownership in creating success in the future!










Bill Guarantees results so Register today!


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Your opportunity to take your business, services, and products to the next level is here at the 2% Club.

If you are serious about your success, your financial freedom, and realizing your full potential success?

Then this is a MUST ATTEND EVENT!

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2% Club Phoenix Summit

Sheraton Phoenix Airport Hotel
1600 South 52nd Street
Tempe, AZ 85281


“The Phoenix 2% Club is committed to educating and inspiring you to reach your full financial potential.” — Jeff Fagin